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Thursday, March 10, 2016

SOL 2016 Day 10: Tales of Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Groupie

Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life March Challenge 2016
This March, more than 300 teachers have committed to daily writing. If you’d like to read more “slices” (from other teachers and even students), visit:

 One more reason I love my job: today I got to attend a workshop led by Lucy Calkins and Amanda Hartman of Teachers College Reading and Writing Project fame. Never mind that I was one of about 250 people in a hotel conference room or that I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. so I could take public transportation instead of battling Bay Area commuter traffic. Never mind that I got drenched while waiting in pouring rain for the bus this afternoon. All day I was in the same room with two of my education heroes.

Those two women are amazing, speaking eloquently for over five hours without any notes. As a coach I have to present at professional development sessions all the time, and I live by my notes.  I was impressed by their ability to keep a large audience engaged for hours. 

Really, though, what impressed me most was what they said, talking about reading and writing instruction in a deep, intelligent way. Right now my brain is tumbling around from everything I heard today. I have 12 pages of notes to go over, and many discussions to have with my colleagues. 

Right now, however, I want to dry out in front of the fire before getting ready for tomorrow, because I get to go back again for another session. 


  1. I went to grad school at TC and try to go back every summer so I can soak in the brilliance of the people who work for the TCRWP. Anything they touch is PD gold!

    1. I applied for the second year summer writing workshop institute. Fingers crossed I get in!