In front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

National Poetry Month: April 21, 2015

Our prompt for today (optional, as always) is an old favorite – the erasure! This involves taking a pre-existing text and blacking out or erasing words, while leaving the placement of the remaining words intact… Erasures can feel almost like a game – carving new poems out of old texts like carving statues from blocks of marble — and so they take some of the anxiety out of writing. They can also lead to surprising new ideas, as the words of the original text are given new contexts.

Day 21:
This erasure poetry is dedicated to my sister Lana who told me last weekend her favorite number is e.


  1. Lisa, this is great! I always wondered the difference between an erasure poem and a cut-away poem. Now I know. I love the spacing on the page. And this is fabulous, taking the language from such an unusual text. Really enjoyed this. I'm inspired!

  2. Michelle, I loved the erasure! I may do it again. As for the text, my sister had just told me she loves e (math geek as she is), and then there was that old book sitting not the table in the faculty room. How could I resist?