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Monday, March 31, 2014

April is National Poetry Month - I'm taking on the NaPoWriMo Challenge!

I've been writing a haiku or haiku-esque poem every day (or sometimes night) since the first day of this year.  So far that means 90 poems this year.  Until now I've been posting these to a private group on Facebook.  Trying to be profound and poetic every single day is a daunting task so until now I've posted these haiku to a private group on Facebook.  That makes me feel safe from my sternest critic:  my own fearful self.  But I've decided to go public for the entire month of April.  I can't promise that all my poems will be good or interesting or poetic.  I'm sure there will be some who tsk-tsk at my western attempts at a form of poetry that originated in a very different culture and language.  So it is with some trepidation that I offer you my first offering for April:

                     forgot to water
                     my tulips - out with orchids
                     much more exotic

Only 29 more to go! Happy National Poetry Month!

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